GAME OF THRONES filming locations in Croatia

GAME OF THRONES filming locations in Croatia


Game of Thrones is a world of its own, a fantasy realm with a rich, detailed history and iconography that captivates your attention and takes you inside the extraordinary story written by George R.R. Martin.
No wonder Croatia was chosen as a crucial filming location for many scenes in the TV series, for it is a nation whose history reaches far into ancient times, and its architecture and monuments speak of eras long gone.

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Day 1  ZAGREB (arrival)

On arrival to the airport, the guests are welcomed by our local driver and transferred to the hotel in Zagreb. Free time for acclimatization and overnight at hotel.

Day 2  ZAGREB (day tour)

After breakfast in the hotel, our English speaking guide will introduce you the Croatian capital ZAGREB, which is way different from the Seven Kingdom’s capital King’s Landing – Dubrovnik. The wider Zagreb metropolitan area includes the City of Zagreb and the separate Zagreb County bringing the total metropolitan area population up to 1,237,887, being the only Croatian city with a population of over one million. You will be able to enjoy the city panorama from the Upper town – Gradec, one of the medieval settlements on which Zagreb was originated and afterwards, visiting the down town with numerous cultural institutions. Overnight in the hotel in Zagreb.


After breakfast in the hotel, we are on the way to the LAKES OF PLITVICE. Plitvice is one of the oldest national parks in Southeast Europe and the largest national park in Croatia (under the UNESCO World Heritage since 1979). The national park extend for 300 square kilometers, with our guide learn about its world famous 16 lakes arranging more than 100 cascades. These lakes are a result of the confluence of several small rivers and subterranean karst rivers. Enjoy wandering around the lakes which seem to have a different jewel-like color.
Overnight in the national park’s hotel.


After breakfast in the NP Plitvice, we are finally emerging in the Game of Thrones realm visiting the City of ŠIBENIK.  This city’s fortified walls and ancient architecture are seen in the fifth season of the show representing the enormous and most powerful Free City of Braavos. Šibenik is known as The King’s City, for it was the court of Croatian King Krešimir. The city is protected by four fortresses on each of its side. Our local guide will accompany you to visit the city core as well as the marvelous Cathedral of St. James (under UNESCO World Heritage since 2000) - which hosts the wedding scenes of the 5th season, City Hall and the palace. Braavosi are just like residents of Šibenik, skillful seafarers, therefore we can easily imagine the giant statue of the Titan of Braavos at the entrance of the St. Anthony channel guarding the city and its residents. Overnight in Šibenik.


After breakfast in the main settlement of Braavos, we’re continuing our journey to the historically rich city-island TROGIR (under the UNESCO World Heritage since 1997). With our local guide discover the mixture of the Greek, Roman, Venetian city core with numerous buildings from the 13th century, as well as the famous Cathedral of St. Lawrence, forts and the Monastery of St. Dominic – which was used as one of the filming locations of Qarth. Afterwards, we visit the village KAŠTEL GOMILICA – a perfect location for the harbor Chequy Port of the Free City of Braavos. Stroll through the same peaceful fishing streets where Arya Stark, aka orphan Lanna, was selling oysters, clams and cockles on her first assignment of Jaqen H'ghar giving the “gift” to the thin man. After lunch in Kaštel Gomilica, arrive to the City of Split. Free time to meet the city by yourselves and overnight.

Day 6 SPLIT (day tour)

Welcome to the biggest city of Slaver's Bay, Meereen – SPLIT. The glorious city which Daenerys conquered and remained in both in Seasons 4 and 5. Get to know about Split’s history and first of all, visit the extraordinary Diocletian's Palace - mansion of the Roman emperor Diocletian built in the 4th century AD (under UNESCO World Heritage since 1979). It is in the ancient basements and narrow streets of the Palace, where Daenarys trained her dragons and freed the slaves sought revenge upon their masters in Meereen. You will also visit Daenerys’s throne room and other featured locations. In Split were also shot scenes of Kings Landing and Braavos – such as the House of the Black and White, where Arya continued her training with the Faceless Men in the Hall of Faces where she lost her vision in the last episode of Season 5. Lunch and overnight in Split.


After breakfast in the hotel, we firstly visit SOLINA, where our local guide will tell you more about the ancient roman baths and ruins. After Solina we are moving up high above Split where is a 2,000-year-old village KLIS. Its fortress was featured as the City of Meereen under Daenerys’s control. Here Daenerys fought to free the slaves of the city and answered “injustice with justice”. Follow the footsteps of Khaleesi and hike upon the rocky cliff atop of the city, offering the absolutely breathtaking panoramic view across the valley and the city beneath.
Afterwards, we are heading to ŽRNOVICA, visiting the still working 600-year-old stone watermill and the river, where Missandei and the Unsullied commander Grey Worm were bathing in the Season 4. Here you will be able to taste the traditional and home-made food. After lunch, we drive back to Split. Free time and overnight.

Day 8  SPLIT (free day)

Enjoy your free day strolling down the historical streets of the gorgeous Meereen and Split promenade right beside the sea and the old city core. Lunch & dinner on guests account. Overnight in Split.


After breakfast in Split, we are finally on the way to King’s Landing. One of the filming scene locations for the Seven Kingdomscapital was STON. Its fortified complex dating back to the 14th century is unique due to its length of 5.5 kilometres, also known as the "European Great Wall". In Ston you can taste one of the rarest and the most delicious breed of oysters.
Afterwards, we are heading to TRSTENO ARBORETUM – the palace gardens known as Highgarden in the Red Keep. Here many Game of Thrones actors walked through the Trsteno Arboretum alley, which is one of the oldest arboretums in this part of Europe. After enjoying in the Red Keep garden, we are driving to main filming location of the Capital of the Seven Kingdoms – Dubrovnik. On arrival you are free to explore the realm’s capital. Overnight in Dubrovnik.



Welcome to Kings Landing– DUBROVNIK! After breakfast in the hotel, our guide will introduce you to the old city core (under UNESCO World Heritage since 1979). The famed medieval walls enclose the Old City, built between the 13th and 16th centuries. It is among the 10 best preserved medieval walled cities in the world. Have a pleasant historic walk emerging the Game of Thrones realm, visiting the finest Renaissance highlight Sponza Palace, the Rector's Palace. Follow Cercei on the Walk of Shame in Season 5 on the main Street Stradun and St. Dominika Street, used in most of the market scenes in King's Landing and City Watch from Season 2 onwards. Enter the Dominican Monastery housing a rich collection of medieval paintings and the Franciscan Monastery. Walk on the medieval wall until you get to the highest point where is situated the Mineeta tower, which represents the walls of the House of the Undying in Qarth, where Daenerys tried to find the entrance to the tower to save her little dragons. Get down to the cove Pile, where Sansa Stark and Shae talked until Littlefinger came to discuss Sansa’s escape. From the Pile enjoy the prettiest views of both Bokar and Lovrijenac Fort which were used for the Kings Landing filming scenes. Lunch before continuing the tour.
Only 15minutes by boat, you get to the Lokrum Island – Qarth, ruled by the “pureborn”, where Daenerys Targaryen was invited to the garden party in Qarth by the Spice King. In reality, it is just as mysterious, this fascinating place dating back to AD 1023. You can enjoy yourself on the island a bit longer or come back to the city. Overnight in Dubrovnik.

Day 11 DUBROVNIK (free day)

Enjoy your free day exploring the capital of the Seven Kingdoms by yourselves! According to Executive Producer of GoT David Benioff:  "The first time we saw Dubrovnik, I was in shock, because the whole city really looked the way we pictured King's Landing looking.". Overnight in Dubrovnik.

Day 12 DUBROVNIK (departure)

After breakfast, check out and our driver transfers you from the hotel to the Airport Dubrovnik.




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